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Credits: © - Joanna Pianka

The Book Nomad project is initiated by abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair. Focusing on “Asianness,” actors of the artists’ book scene from different cities participate with their own selection of art publications, revealing different cultural perspectives.

The project follows the curatorial motto “Nomadic and Imagined” and is shown in the form of a growing traveling exhibition: the Vienna Art Book Fair (VABF) presents a total of 57 books, 52 of which were selected by the previous participants and already exhibited in their spaces. Following the concept of Book Nomad, VABF includes 5 more publications by this year participating artists and publishers to the book list, which will be shown and further added together with the other publications in the following exhibition venues as well.

- Junya Li, Take a Walk, Mark Pezinger Verlag, 2023 (see also Table B3)
- Sayo Senoo, The Shameful Chrysanthemum / 恥菊, northing / pamflett Bergen, 2023 (Table G2)
- NANG Magazine, Issue No. 9, 2023 (Table D6)
-  The (Im)possibility of Art Archives: Theories and Experience in/from Asia, 51 Personae  (Table E22)
- Tan 51, 51 Personae (Table E22)

Especially since the pandemic, abC has been promoting collaboration and exchange with international art publishing communities. Through Book Nomad the initiative aims to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China and other countries to a global audience and explore the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice.

The First Tour of the BOOK NOMAD

︎abC Art Book Fair Beijing

1.      Ruben Lundgren, Anything That Files, art book in China, 2022
2.     Xiaoqing Zhu, A Manual of Khoomei, 2022
3.     Yan Cong, Beggar Comic Series, Beggar Publishing, 2021
4.     Yingguang Guo, The Bliss of Conformity, La Maison de Z, 2018
5.     hhs, Tu Li Fu, Too Rich Group, 2021
6.     IFP, Dispatches from TETRIS: A March from the highlands to the Mountain City and the Islands, 2021
7.      Prickly Paper: The Story of Liu Sheng, Prickly Paper, 2020
8.     subfictions, magazine into issue 1: MADE-LAND, 2021
9.     Xiao Longhua, The Blind Men and the Elephant, 1and1/2 Atelier, 2019
10.   Bai Kui, 赛文中年超市, 1and1/2 Atelier, 2020
11.     Yui Takada, Yui Takada AXIS,, 2022
12.    Zhai Ruixin, Chinese Arms (中国胳膊), fRUITYPRESS, 2018
13.    Lu Shan, IndiGo (印度印度), 2019
14.    te No.1 The Lost Society, te-magazine, 2021
15.   dash issue 0: layers, atelier Anchor, 2022
16.   P_PAL ISSUE 1, art book in China. 2020

︎Pon ding, Taipei, September 1-20, 2022

17.    Huang Jia, Less 100 chemins, 2019
18.    Eva Lin, A Firetime Story, dmp editions, 2021
19.   Yo Yang, write a poem, DOOKS, 2021
20.  Wu Meichi, PICNIC, pon ding, 2021
21.    Liu Chao-tze / Lin Junye, Tropical Reading: Photobook and Self-Publishing, pon ding & Fotobook DUMMIES Day 2022

︎Temporary Unit, Singapore, October 15-29, 2022

22.  Hong Shu-ying, 笔迹 script / notes, THEBOOKSHOW, 2022
23.  Lai Yu Tong, Tom’s Day Out, Thumb Books, 2022
24.  Xavier Antin x/ Gideon Kong, Vanishing Workflows, Temporary Press, 2019
25.  Robert Zhao Renhui, The Great Pretenders (special issue for the 26th Phylliidae Convention), The Institute of Critical Zoologists (ICZ)
26.  Cat Hu, Exercise Book, Temporary Press, 2022

︎BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR 2022, November 25-27, 2022

27.   Sakurako Nagaiwa, Color Book, Arc Press, 2022
28.  Nicolas Verstappen, The Art of Thai Comics – A Century of Strip and Strips, River Books, 2021
29.  Atipat Pooksrisuk, Whisper Game (from first-person pronoun to third-person pronoun), 2022
30.  Patsachon Toyingpaiboon, Weather Report, 2022
31.    Natcha Taechajunta, Our Table, 2022

︎Kuala Lumpur Art Book Fair 2022, December 2-4, 2022

32.  Lim Sheau Yun / Simon Soon / Ong Kar Jin, Banned in KL, Astro Boy Rides the Wave to Sky Kingdom on A Grasshopper: Malaysia in Fifteen Postcards, Cloud Projects Enterprise, 2021
33.  Process Magazine Vol. 2: “Forms of Contemplation”, Analogue Practices Enterprise, 2022
34.  SEARCH Vol. 1: Independence, Lain-Lain Design, 2021

The Second Tour of the BOOK NOMAD

︎COMMERCE Milan, February 9-21, 2023

35.  SHANGHAI CONTEMPORARY ART ARCHIVAL PROJECT 1998-2012, Mousse Publishing, 2017
36.  X Museum 2020-2021, Mousse Publishing, 2022
37.   GENDA #2 Animals As Permanent Followers, a+mbookstore, 2017
38.  GENDA #3 Animals As Permanent Followers, a+mbookstore, 2019

︎JBE Books Paris, April 11, 2023

39.  Franck Leibovici, what time is it?, JBE Books, 2023
40.  Joao Rocha, Kim Jong II Looking at Things, JBE Books, 2012
41.    Lina Scheynius, My Photo Books, JBE Books, 2019
42.  Kenneth Goldsmith, Against Translation, JBE Books, 2016

︎, Berlin, June 13-17, 2023

43.  Miykung Song, White House, nomadelab Publishing, 2022
44.  Wie-yi T. Lauw, Dunkle Paarung, backbonebooks, 2021
45.  Rahel Zoller / Asami Murakami, Title / タイトル, 2020/21
46.  Ed. Jumping He, Another Reading, Hesign, 2023
47.   Ed. Lim Kying Yong / Helen Jungyeon Ku, Publishing as Method, Mediabus, 2023

︎PrintRoom, Rotterdam, September 2023

48.  Making Miso by Erika Hirose
49.  A Cookbook of Invisible writing by Amy Su Wu
50. by Ruohong Wu
51.   Virus Cookbook by Pei-Ying Lin
52.  NETbook 4: Paper by Marieke de Hoop, Sooji Kim, Esther Krop, Minna Henriksson, among others

︎Vienna Art Book Fair #2, October 20-22, 2023

53.  Junya Li, Take a Walk, Mark Pezinger Verlag, 2023 (Table B03)
54.  Sayo Senoo, The Shameful Chrysanthemum / 恥菊, northing / pamflett Bergen, 2023 (Table G02)
55.  NANG Magazine, Issue No. 10, 2023 (Table D06)
56.  The (Im)possibility of Art Archives: Theories and Experience in/from Asia, 51 Personae (Table E22)
57.   No. 0-21, 51 personae (Table E22)

︎Last stop 2023: NORTHING, Bergen, December 2023