For three days, the Vienna Art Book Fair #1 will offer an accompanying program that includes exhibitions, performances, book presentations, artists’ talks, readings, panels, guided tours through the fair and workshop visits.
︎List of Signings and Launches
︎VABF curation

︎ SR 25 (Seminarraum / conference room 25), Ground Floor
︎ SR 26 (Seminarraum / conference room 26), Ground Floor
︎ Auditorium, Ground Floor
︎ Werkstatt Buch & Papier, Level 1
︎ Offsite location

Friday, October 04, 2019

︎5:00 pm

The Vienna Art Book Fair #1 opens its doors for the first time.
Don’t miss your chance to snag the Fundraising Edition: 
“I want to become a millionaire” – Vienna Art Book Fair #1
by Thomas Geiger, 2019

Paper sheets, 10.5 x 14.8 cm, numbered and signed, Edition of 263 sewn in Tyvek© by Anna and Marlene Obermayer

Friday, October 04, 2019

︎ 6:00 pm, Auditorium

Opening Performance by Paul Shortt, USA

Friday, October 04, 2019

︎ 7:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

Performative presentation by Bernhard Cella and Roland Fischer-Briand

Performative presentation with publications from the collection as well as the presentation of the poster edition for 1 Euro. The Queer Tree of Life maps the landscape of queer LGBTQ publishing between 1880 and 2019 in an international context. The selected examples focus on identity and image constructions of queer lifestyles. Fanzines, self-publishing, academic discourse, research, porn, and artist books are presented as pioneers of a non-heteronormative self-understanding.
Vienna 2019

︎The exhibition “Queer Publishing. A family tree” is part of the section VABF curation

Friday, October 04, 2019

︎ 8:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

The Possibilities of the Artists’ Book
TALK by Max Schumann, Executive Director Printed Matter, Inc.

The talk weaves the history of Printed Matter, Inc. with the history of contemporary artists' books, and also gives consideration to the resurgence of the artists' books and artist publishing in the age of digital information.

Printed Matter is a New York-based non-profit organization that has supported artists’ publications for over 40 years. It plays a decisive role in nurturing an international community of artists, designers, and writers through the distribution of books as well as through regular public exhibitions and programming in their space. Another important component of Printed Matter’s program is the New York And Los Angeles Art Book Fairs. These fairs have become an essential gathering spot for Printed Matter’s broad audience and a place where an international community of artists/publishers can see themselves.

Friday, October 04, 2019

︎ 10:00 pm, Offsite event

Vienna Art Book Fair – Opening Party
(Offsite event)

Philiale im Gartenbaukinofoyer
Parkring 12, 1010 Vienna
Free entry

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 09:30 am, Offsite event

(The early bird catches the worm)

Shops with History - Sundry Goods in Vienna (Tour is in German)
Geschäfte mit Geschichte - Waren aller Art in Wien

City walk as part of the Vienna Art Book Fair
with Martin Frey and Philipp Graf
(Offsite event)

In their project " Shops with History – Sundry Goods in Vienna ", Martin Frey and Philipp Graf have been photographing old business portals in Vienna since 2009. These are the portals of traditional retail shops and small commercial and service enterprises that are inexorably disappearing. They are to be found in all districts, in most different locations and often stand out from the portals of the changing shops of the surroundings. In Vienna, the third district and above all the area around the Landstraßer Hauptstraße offers a very interesting mix of old-established companies and newly established young companies. Frey and Graf have already photographed more than 500 stores, more than half of them can already be seen on their online gallery At the Vienna Art Book Fair they also present the fourth volume of their photo book series on this topic.

First come, first walk: limited number of participants (max. 25 persons)
The participation is free, registration under:

Meeting point: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 105, in front of Cafe SCALINA

Credit: © Philipp Graf
with friendly support of the district leader Erich Hohenberger

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 1:30 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

Pompei, Pompeii
Book launch with a performance by the author Michiel Huijben

For Pompei, Pompeii Bianca Pedrina carefully inspects the relationship between form and function in a newly implemented accessibility project in Pompeii. The project consists of iron elements embedded in the gaps of the historic Roman streets, and allow barrier-free access to the excavation site.

Pompei, Pompeii is published by Mark Pezinger Books

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 2:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

departure talk: HOW TO INDIE MAGAZINE
Teilnehmer_innen: Auslöser Magazin (Sebastian Gansrigler, Moderation), Are We There Yet Magazine (Rebecca Balogh, Rebecca Russell), C/O VIENNA MAGAZINE (Antje Mayer-Salvi), Wien Lebt Magazin (Daniel Kalkhofer)
Der Talk präsentiert vier sehr unterschiedliche Positionen der aktuellen Wiener Indie-Magazin Szene und zeigt auf, welche interessanten Entwicklungen und Trends gerade passieren, welche Herausforderungen und Schwierigkeiten dabei entstehen und hinterfragt wie und warum Indiemagazine überhaupt entwickelt werden.

Die Wirtschaftsagentur Wien kooperiert mit der Vienna Art Book Fair.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 3:00 pm, SR 25, Ground Floor

Curator Regine Ehleiter will lead through the exhibition "Re: Groups", joined by the artist Alwin Lay.

Exhibition view of “Re: Groups” in Camera Austria International, no. 147 (Fall 2019), pp. 53–63. Photo: Katharina Oberegger. © artists, authors, and Camera Austria International.

︎The exhibition “Re:Groups” is part of the section VABF curation

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 4:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

Dein Kampf (Mack Books 2019) and AmericanSuburbX (Blog)
TALK by Brad Feuerhelm and Clemens Fantur

From its title to its formal arrangement of language, Brad Feuerhelm’s Dein Kampf suggests a commentary on our cyclical anxieties about ideology. Anxiety is implicit in his photographs and Berlin is their natural backdrop, being a city in which several ideologies collided in the twentieth century. The city exemplifies the quagmire of possibilities in which the tensions of historical narrative and contemporary political and ideological doubt are played out in visual motifs throughout the landscape.
Fragments of the past and symbols of capitalist modernity underpin the work–banks, insurance companies and people as effigies of citizens appear as a cloaking miasma, the spectre of past, present and no future. The schema of the glitch and the appropriation methods in Feuerhelm’s work are subtle enquiries into the contemporary conditions of fear and confusion. Loose associations about changing futures under technology, religion, immigration and the future of the photographic image also loom large. Dein Kampf is Feuerhelm’s proposition about how we activate image and ideology in the book form.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎  4:15 pm, Level 1

Several book presentations at the “Werkstatt Buch & Papier”, Level 1

Martin Eckerstorfer
Titel: Earthen Fluidum I composition notes pt. 1 in Ton geprägter Text, teilweise glasiert Nährboden aus Schrift. Eingebranntes Rinnsal.

Zoe Hölzel
Title: Krokodil
Bühnenbild/ Freie Arbeit zu Peter Pan, 50cm x 70cm
Ton und geschöpftes Papier Es handelt sich bei dem Objekt um ein freies Bühnenmodell zu dem Stück Peter Pan von Coco Rosie.
Das Krokodil ist wandelbar, stellt in einem Moment die Betten der Kinder dar und im anderen das Piratenschiff oder den Dschungel.

Alberta Sinani & Marlene Hübner
Title: Literal Stair Chair Through the usage of books, a handy and comfortable sitting opportunity was created.

Die Klasse Industriedesign / Stefan Diez
aked the first-year Industrial Design students to bind a sketchbook by focusing on personal requirements, using a hands-on approach and easily accessible materials, in order to explore and understand elements of fittings and joints. 9 works and 5 videos will be shown.
9 Werkstätten - wir geben unser vorletztes Hemd auf.
Zwei Textbeiträge der Zentralwerkstätten werden von Ludwig Stumptner und Anna Steinhäusler gelesen.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 5:00 pm, Auditorium

Performance for the Book
by An Onghena and Tom Exelmans (BE)

An Onghena’s work with the programmatic title Performance for the Book is an investigation into the material, formal , and contextual requirements and conditions of bookmaking. The artist appropriates a standard large-format paper roll to tell of the potentiality of her material. By subjecting the paper to a variety of different transformation processes, Onghena not only demonstrates its possible aggregate states, she also reveals all of the agents involved in these states. In an interplay between artist, performer, exhibition space, instructions, the give properties of the material, and not least the observers, the paper is folded and becomes a collective act. (Text from the publication Recherche | Research by Kunstraum Lakeside, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien 2019)

© Credit: Arnold Pöschl, Kunstraum Lakeside, An Onghena / Tom Exelmans, Performance for the Book

kindly supported by Flanders State of the Art

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 6:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

What Discussions do Artist Publishers Want to Have? (working title)
TALK by Marc Fischer, Half Letter Press / Temporary Services, USA

Temporary Services is Brett Bloom and Marc Fischer. We started working together in Chicago in 1998 as a larger group. In 2008, we started Half Letter Press, a publishing imprint and online store. We are currently based in Chicago and Auburn (IN). We produce exhibitions, events, projects, and publications. The distinction between art practice and other creative human endeavors is irrelevant to us.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 7:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

Publishing Publishing Manifestos
TALK by Michalis Pichler (in German)

Publishing Manifestos was published in 2019 by MIT Press and features 75 key texts of critical engagement with publishing from protagonists of the field. Michalis Pichler, editor of the book, will present this edition and address: Alienation, Seriosity Dummies, A Short Walk Through a Historical Arc of Tension, and address why the Artist’s book is a Problematic Term, Materialzärtlichkeit, Paradigm Shift and Post-digital Turn, and Art Book Fairs as Public Spheres.

Contributors: AND Publishing, Oswald de Andrade, Archive Books, Art-Rite, Rasheed Araeen, Tauba Auerbach, Michael Baers, Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, Ricardo Basbaum, Derek Beaulieu, Bernadette Corporation, Riccardo Boglione, Bombay Underground, Jorge Luis Borges, bpNichol, Kate Briggs, Broken Dimanche Press, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Urvashi Butalia, Ulises Carrión, Mariana Castillo Deball, Paul Chan, Chimurenga, Arpita Das, Anita Di Bianco, Guy Debord, Constant Dullaart, Craig Dworkin, Ntone Edjabe, Zenon Fajfer, Marina Fokidis, General Idea, Annette Gilbert, Girls Like Us, Gloria Glitzer, Marianne Groulez, Alex Hamburger, Karl Holmqvist, Lisa Holzer, Mahmood Jamal, Tom Jennings, Ray Johnson, David Jourdan, Sharon Kivland, Kione Kochi, Kwani?, Bruce LaBruce, Tan Lin, El Lissitzky, Alessandro Ludovico, Sara MacKillop, Steve McCaffery, Jonathan Monk, Simon Morris, Mosireen, León Munoz Santini, Takashi Murakami, Deke Nihilson, Aurélie Noury, Johnny Noxzema, Clive Phillpot, Michalis Pichler, Seth Price, Riot Grrrl, Carlos Soto Román, Allen Ruppersberg, Joachim Schmid, Oliver Sieber, Paul Soulellis, Matthew Stadler, Gertrude Stein, Paul Stephens, Hito Steyerl, Mladen Stilinović, Katja Stuke, Temporary Services, Nick Thurston, TIQQUN, Elisabeth Tonnard, V. Vale, Eric Watier, Erik van der Weijde, Lawrence Weiner, Eva Weinmayr, Jan Wenzel, Stephen Willats, Gil J Wolman, zubaan
Copublished with Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair

Publishing Manifestos
© Publishing Manifestos. An international anthology from artists and writers
edited by Michalis Pichle, Co-published by Miss Read, Berlin and The MIT Press, Cambridge (MA) 2019

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 7:00 pm, Offsite event

Exhibition opening - Greetings
Preview October 5, 2019, 7 - 10 pm

Participating artists: Sam Austen , Anna Brass, Jack Burton, Sian Robinson Davies, Katharina Hoeglinger, Anna Hughes, Richie Moment, Adam Shield, Thomas Whittle
Organised by Long Distance Press.

somehow they ended up in an arm-wrestle*…
Greetings is an exhibition that should be a book. Bringing together artists based in London, Brussels, Vienna, Rome and Edinburgh this exhibition is a physical meeting, greeting, sharing of concerns: reproduction, dissemination, layout, characters, animation, construction, pressing, practicing. A scattering, expanded, exploded double-sided page of a group show, Greetings explores the arm-wrestling, mind-mapping, tongue-tying expansions of these artists.

Each artist in Greetings has worked with or are working with Long Distance Press to realise an artist book project.
Long Distance Press is Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle.
Long Distance Press is an artist project focussed on making artist books.

* Greetings, Naked and Practical, Sian Robinson Davies, tenletters, 2018.

Löwengasse 18,
1030 Wien

Saturday, October 05, 2019

︎ 8:30 pm, Offsite event

Ausstellungseröffnung - Unter dem Radar
Gäste im Salon: Die Kultur & Gespenster-Mitarbeiter, Hamburg

In einer Welt am Abgrund Nischen schaffen. »Underground« als Soziotop oder Labor, in dem mit der Erweiterung oder Rückeroberung von Wirklichkeit experimentiert wird. Die Ausstellung Unter dem Radar beschäftigt sich mit alternativen Publikationsformen seit den 1960er Jahren und der Ästhetik der Underground-Presse in analogen wie auch digitalen Zeiten. Über Kunst und linke Gegenöffentlichkeit, literarische Wunscherfüllung, dissidente Publikationsmodelle, Einkaufs- zettel, Wut- und Liebesbriefe.

In a world on the edge of precipice, create niches, sociotopes and underground laboratories. Experiment with the expansion of reality. The exhibition 'Under the Radar' deals with alternative forms of publication since the 1960s and the aesthetics of the underground press in both analogue and digital times. It presents art and leftist counterculture, literature, dissident models of publication, letters filled with anger, and letters filled with love.

Salon für Kunstbuch
Luftbadgasse 16, 1060 Vienna

Sunday, October 06, 2019

︎ 1:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

ARTIST TALK: Reiner Riedler in conversation with Vreni Hockenjos

Steaming hot off the press comes Reiner Riedler’s most recent photobook SWEAT. It contains a series of extraordinary portraits of people using their perspiration. In conversation with media scholar Vreni Hockenjos, who wrote the preface to the book, Riedler presents his unique photographic method of capturing the “true essence” of his fellow human beings. The “hidrographic” images not only allude to ancient iconic traditions such as Veronica’s Veil or the Turin Shroud but also raise questions on the nature of the photographic image more generally. For the brave, there will be an opportunity to have their picture taken!
Riedler is also one of the founders of Reflektor, a Vienna-based platform and network for the promotion of self-published photobooks. As such, the talk will also address the advantages (and pitfalls) of self-publishing for photographers and discuss the concept behind the Reflektor community.

︎Stop by at the Reflektor booth at the fair to find out more and have a look at the many other exciting publications by Relfektor members.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

︎ 2:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

ARTIST TALK: Michael Wegerer in conversation with Christine Humpl-Mazegger
The new publication "Quint Print: Glass" from the Studio Quint Screen Print will be introduced for the public in Vienna. The very first Artist Talk about the project will give the audience an insight into new processes and applications for printed glass. Michael Wegerer talks to Christine Humpl-Mazegger, author of the essay "Beyond screen printing", about the project. Interested visitors can gain more information about the glass prototypes and insights into the artistic and economic research project.

Cover Design: Buero AGS (Agnes Steiner)

The project "Quint Screen Print: Glass - innovative
printing methods on glass for restoration, architecture, art and
Design" was supported and awarded by the Vienna Business Agency.

Sunday, October 06, 2019

︎ 3:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

ARTIST TALK: Simon Brugner in conversation with Michael Kollmann

The photo book expert Michael Kollmann in conversation with Simon Brugner on reading between the images, concepts of reality, the book as “Welterklärungsmodell”, and his recently published, internationally acclaimed book The Arsenic Eaters (The Eriskay Connection).
In The Arsenic Eaters, Simon Brugner investigates the historical myth that the consumption of arsenic, one of the most potent mineral poisons, is beneficial to one’s health. How is it possible to present a legend, when there is little documentation about it, and its very existence is even in doubt? Simon Brugner combines contemporary and archival images in a visual narrative, while providing extensive background research on everything from Renaissance medical writings to the mineralogical aspects of arsenic itself. The work comes together in a kind of intellectual investigation and re-enactment, trying to piece together the links between the lives, surroundings, and behaviors that might have led to this peculiar practice. Images of a sinewy hand or the muscles of a tough calf are no longer innocent, but become suspect. Within this context, even historical pictures no longer appear so neutral or folkloric, but rather seem to reveal the forbidden traces of

Sunday, October 06, 2019

︎ 4:00 pm, SR 26, Ground Floor

TALK: Annette Gilbert: Library of Artistic Print on Demand

Print-on-demand is a new production method based on digital print that has revolutionized the book world. Allowing for very small print runs down to one single copy the availability of book titles no longer requires a physical stock—in contrast to traditional print runs. This has fundamental effects on the production of printed matter and its contents. Our collection of artistic print-on-demand publications will grow through curatorial acquisition and artist's/author's contributions. It will be preserved in future years in a leading German library. It will be an important resource for the study of print-based experimental publishing, art and literature in the post-digital era.

︎The exhibition “Library of Artistic Print on Demand” is part of the section VABF curation

Sunday, October 06, 2019

︎ 5:00 pm, , SR 26, Ground Floor

Performance Talk: Allumfassende Zufriedenheit. Über das Apolitische Milan Mijalkovic von Makedonien

The Volume „All-embracing Satisfaction: On the Apolitical” is the further development of a performative speech by artist and architect Milan Mijalkovic. 25 minutes of spoken word into a 300 page book becomes fragments, word images and poetry; the reception itself becomes a performance.
Within the same speech given on May 9, 2019 in a small tavern of Vienna, Milan Mijalkovic of Macedonia deals with the origins of democracy, their interactions with the history of mankind and natural events, as well as their rituals in the public sphere and their appearance in today’s daily life. Hence, the political speech turns into an artform, an aesthetical material.

Publisher: Album Verlag