VABF edition

The VABF edition area is curated by Bernadette Meisel, founder of the independent Viennese screenprint studio Viadukt Screen Prints. Five printing workshops from Austria and Germany showing their latest editions in the field of printmaking from different artists on various surfaces.

︎ SR24 (Seminarraum / conference room 24), ground floor

SR24, ground floor

︎ Art in Print, Vienna, AT
Established in 2018 by Elisabeth Kreuzhuber and Nandita Reisinger-Chowdhury, art in print is an online publisher of limited edition contemporary fine art prints. Their first editions “women I” and “women II” focus on 12 (mostly) Austrian artists and traditional printing techniques. Carefully curated. Limited editions. Nice size. Perfect craftsmanship. Cool artists. Fine art doesn’t have to be pricey.“


Dreipunkt Edition is renowned for its original contemporary graphic work in limited editions. Founded in 1998 by Kristiane Semar and Alexander Arundell, the artists of the Edition operate a studio and a showroom in Munich, Germany, contributing to the current renaissance of printmaking by pushing the boundaries of possibilities to new horizons. Dreipunkt Edition showcases prints and drawings on a regular basis at art fairs all over Europe.

︎ Druckwerk Wien, Vienna, AT
Druckwerk Wien promotes artistic productions in the graphic arts sector, and offers creatives and artists the opportunity of creating graphics or printed works as a project-studio and also in open workshop use.

Interdisciplinary ideas and realizations ensure a multi-faceted and holistic understanding of contemporary productions, which is of great importance. Therefore we like to take a close look at non-toxic printmaking, hybrid printing processes as well as unusual materials and approaches. This is complemented by diverse workshops and authentic mediation in a mindful manner.

© Druckwerk Wien Photo: © Druckwerk Wien

︎ Quint Screen Print, Vienna, AT
Quint Screen Print is a Viennese workshop studio focusing on artistic screen printing and conception for spatial planning with an emphasis on sustainability. Michael Wegerer founded the Studio 2016 which offers services in three main areas since then: Screen printing on glass and ceramics, editions on paper and screen printing for experimental projects (research/innovation).
Blobs, Michael Wegerer, 2019 keramischer Siebdruck auf Satinatoglas / Fotograf © Martin Croce, Bild © Michael Wegerer und Bildrecht Blobs, Michael Wegerer, 2019 keramischer Siebdruck auf Satinatoglas / Fotograf © Martin Croce, Bild © Michael Wegerer und Bildrecht

︎ Viaduct Screen Prints, Vienna, AT
Viadukt, Vienna offers contemporary artists and designers of all backgrounds an opportunity to professionally implement screenprint projects. In the facilities of the printmaking studio artists are free to use full equipment, technical support and the open atmosphere, in order to pursue their creative work.
The active cultural exchange is encouraged by artist residencies, collaborative exhibitions and the sale of artworks. Thereby the independent organization creates an important junction for artists, collectors, museums, galleries and educational institutions to access and experience contemporary art. Photo: © Helga Traxler