A book by Peter Downsbrough

“The re-publishing of PRELUDE (1997/2019) is only on the Internet. It is intended that any interested party may download the book, cut out the pages, and assemble the book on ordinary typewriter paper or computer printer paper. There are two colors, black and a red. A black and white printer will print only in grey scale. This fact has been taken into consideration by me. The spreads (2 facing pages) will print on one sheet of paper, either A4 or American format paper. The book is 12 × 18 cm. There are 38 pages (20 sheets of paper, p.1, p.2/3, p.4/5, etc., till p.38. Pages 1 and 38 print on a single sheet of paper.) The cover prints on two sheets of paper: one sheet the outside covers and the second sheet the inside covers (these two sheets will be glued together, making the cover thicker and more rigid.) The cover is black and white.” (PD)

Peter Downsbrough, b. 1940, New Brunswick, N.J., lives and works in Brussels.

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